30+ Perfect DIY Wooden Deck Design For Your Home

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Wooden decking is unrivaled by other materials when it comes to attractiveness and practicality. Wooden decking can transform your garden into a paradise as it blends in very well with the natural landscape.

There are many types of timber that can be used to construct decks. The most common woods used include pressure treated Pine, Cedar, Redwood, Cypress, Larch and Mahogany. Decks made from pressure treated wood, which is the cheapest option available in the market, are known to last for at least 15 years. Cedar and Redwood decking on the other hand can last for as long as 20 years and what’s more they provide a natural defense against rot and insect pests. However, they tend to grey after prolonged exposure to the sun.

If you are willing to spend on timber that will last even longer then you should opt for the various exotic woods that are offered in the market. Although they are much more expensive, they are durable, strong and have an appealing grain. You can choose from a wide range of timber including Ipe, Cambara, Cumaru, Golden Ironwood, Tigerwood, Tamarack, Red Balau and Garapa.

If you want your wooden decking to look attractive for a long period of time then you will have to put some effort into maintaining it or else the continuous exposure to the elements of the weather will cause it to crack and rot. Even if you choose an expensive wood, yet other pollutants such as tree sap, rotting leaves and bird droppings can cause your deck to look unsightly.

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