20+ Charming Garden Party Decorating Ideas For Birthday

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Celebrate a summer birthday with a garden party. This party may be held inside or out but it is best if some of the activities can be done outside. Have your guests dress in casual clothes so they can get messy.

You will need white and yellow construction paper, glue and some markers. Fold a piece of the white paper in half. Cut a flower out of the white paper being careful to leave two of the petals joined together. Cut out a yellow circle and glue in the center of your flower. Open the flower to write the invitation inside. Be sure to include your own name, date, address and R.S.V.P. and phone number inside the invitation.

Decorate the table with a flowered tablecloth. Use a tin watering can as a vase and place cut flowers in it for your centerpiece. Set new, clean garden tools on the table to use as serving spoons for sunflower seeds or for the fruit salad.

You will need cardboard tubes, construction paper, scissors, glue and packets of seeds. Cut a 2-inch section from a cardboard tube. Cover the section with construction paper. Glue one seed packet onto each napkin ring. Insert the napkins into the napkin rings and lay one at each place setting.

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