30+ Innovative Outdoor Spaces to Inspire Your Patio Makeover

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Choosing the right outdoor cushions for your patio furniture can really reflect either positively or negatively on the exterior of your home. Just because you find some cushions discounted in the clearance bin super cheap does not mean that they are necessarily a good deal. Keep in mind that your outdoor living area is where you will entertaining, gathering with family, friends, neighbors and sometimes even a stranger brought along as a date. What kind of impression do you want to offer with your furniture?

When shopping for chairs, a sofa or even a chaise, there are a few things you need to consider, such as:

Sure, you want your patio stylish but you also want to choose pieces that are going to be weather resistant, easy to clean and durable. Do you really want to be running out and putting a cover on your furniture at the first sign of unfavorable weather?

You should consider the size of the pieces in comparison to the square footage of your patio. While a wrought iron bistro set will look simple and elegant, an ensemble with overstuffed cushions could look quite cluttered in a small space. It is a good idea to take measurements of the area with you when you go shopping.

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