30+ Rustic Bedroom Lighting Ideas Prove Just How Chic Cozy Can Be

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Rawhide lamp shades for warm cozy lighting are natural and functional, giving needed light but also providing the type of ambiance you are looking for to compliment your rustic decorating. Southwest and western lamps and furniture have made rawhide shades the mainstay of cabin and lodge style lighting and have become synonymous with rustic lighting.

When you begin to create the atmosphere of your favorite rooms in rustic style, lighting is very important and will set the mood of the space you are working on. Not only are rawhide shades decorative but rawhide is entirely functional and brings life to a room in a way that no other lighting can. When you have the perfect rustic lamp, it requires the perfect shade. Of course, it has to be genuine sun dried, hand laced rawhide because it allows warm colorful light to radiate from with in.

Perhaps you have a lamp or a whole room that you would like to transform. Rawhide lamp shades are the single greatest element in lighting for rustic charm. This is especially true when a room must serve as a varied function area or when it is required to display different moods through out the day and evening. Rawhide lamp shades are especially suited to this type of application because they add such character to the space even when not illuminated.

During the day, rawhide with its hand stitching and primitive texture ads a masculine feel to the room without drawing attention to its self. It lends a sort of ambiance that anchors the room and brings a feel of security and strength. During the early evening dimmers can be used on lamps with rawhide shades to add just the right amount of light as a highlight to warm the space and bring out the wonderful quality of the rawhide shade.

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