30+ Fabulous Shower Shelf Ideas to Fancify Your Bathroom

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Are you finding that all your shower necessities are lying on the floor? Sick of treading on the soap and almost collapsing? You need a shower shelf! Here are some of the basic checks you should go through before purchasing a corner shower shelf!

Make sure you are sure you can install the shelf before you buy it. Take into consideration a few things. Are you allowed to permanently install a fixture in the shower or do you need shelf with easy removal? Does it require glue or will it come with suction caps? Make sure you do the research before you buy otherwise you may end up with a problem on your hands!

You will need to ask yourself this question as shower shelves come in many shapes and sizes. If your shower is small you may need a single shelf small enough just for your more precious shower necessities.

If there are 2 or more people in your household sharing the shower you may need extra space, you may need a multi-tiered shower shelf or another idea which some may find more advantageous would be to install multiple single shelves in the shower (providing you have the space). This way you can allocate the amount of room between each shelf for the height of your bathroom items such as shampoo or conditioner which often stand tall.

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