30+ Amazing Family Room Storage Ideas That Will Get You Streamlined in a Snap

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If you are in the planning stage of your house, consider built-in units: entertainment centers, book cases and similar helpful items. This will make storage of various related items easy. Consult your planner and see if there is enough storage space to accommodate you and your family’s needs in this area.

This does not, however, help you out if you already have a house and your growing family and their increasing accumulation of articles and discarding of others, requires you to find more storage space.

One suggestion is floor-to-ceiling storage built-in storage. Build or buy cabinets with flush doors and touch catches that stand flush against the walls. Paint them the same color as the walls to help them blend in.
If a unit already exists, consider using the areas atop. Reach up high and store, there, out-of-favor or seasonal items. If using the very top, avoid frequently needed items. Store only those least requested or used.

Another possibility is to combine two furniture selections in to one multi-functional piece. Instead of a table, consider one that doubles as storage space. Some coffee tables have an extra shelf beneath them, some are able to have one added, but a better choice is a trunk or chest. It can do triple duty as a table, work space and storage facility. If company arrives, you simply whisk everything into the trunk, close the lid and cover it with a decorative cloth or piece of fabric.

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