20+ Minimalist Kitchen Island Tables That You’ll Want to Gather ‘Round

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Want a reasonably priced kitchen island table that will be able to go great with your kitchen’s entire theme? There are different sizes and designs of islands today, and the materials range from wood to steel to marble to granite. There are even the mobile ones that are perfect for when you have a limited space in your kitchen. Here are some factors remember so you can pick the perfect island hat’s also friendly on your pocket.

Material – is your kitchen big and mostly made of marble or wood, or even steel? Choosing a kitchen island should depend on the overall theme that your kitchen has. Choosing just anything that’s cheap but without regards to how your kitchen looks is just a waste of money.

Size and shape – just because you want one, doesn’t mean that you need a big one. Sometimes, the smaller and mobile ones will be of use to you as opposed to the block styles which can be bulky in some kitchens. The best way to pick a kitchen island table this way and avoid wasting money by picking the wrong size or height is by measuring the height of your counters first and the space you have in your kitchen. Don’t estimate because there’s a good chance that you’ll do it wrong. If you want to be absolutely sure, hire a professional to do it for you.

Mobility – for small kitchens, most of the time the kind that suits those better are the ones with wheels. This is because after use, they can easily slide the kitchen island away and make use of the space again for different purposes. However, if you have a big kitchen and you want something permanent, you should choose the block styles.

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