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A lot of people are skeptical about buying a glass dining room table and I can’t blame them when you hear of all the reasons why not to. People worry about safety and whether they feel comfortable having such a large piece of glass in the house. So here is the truth to some of those myths and stories.

In a word, yes. They are completely safe because they follow safety regulations and the glass has to be toughened. Besides which it would be very difficult to actually smash a glass table (unless you were planning on doing a bit of DIY on it!). You could bash into a glass table top, slam plates down on it or even leave hot items on it and it wont break. A word of caution though, when you are buying this dining room table be sure to ask if it has been toughened. Be very wary of extremely cheap glass tables.

If you aren’t a fan of housework and spend the bare amount of time doing any then another thing to clean will not be your idea of fun. There are ways of getting around cleaning your glass dining room table every day and that is to put a table cloth over it, that way you only have to clean it when you take the cloth off or when you have guests round. This can be particularly handy for those with small children and sticky fingers.

Another easy way to clean your glass dining table and chairs is with some vinegar and water mixed in a spray bottle. It is effectively window cleaner without the harsh chemicals, and its cheaper too! Wipe it off with some screwed up newspaper and you will get a completely streak free finish.

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