30+ Wonderful Floral Bedroom Design Ideas With Wallpaper Theme

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A lot of people may think that a floral decor is ancient and needs to go the way of the dinosaur. But, if done right you can take this once old style look that used to be even too dated for your grand parents, and flash it up so that you are able to give it a beautiful modern look to it. A contemporary and floral design are almost never used together because with floral it is just so simple to turn it in to something that is just so utterly tacky but, when done well your bedroom will end up being the focal point of all your friends and neighbors conversation.

Contemporary or modern styles are very simple and yet very hard to follow through with. These styling require a less is more approach, this way the things you like seem to stand out just that much more than they would with a room that is over crowded with tacky decor.

That is why when I decorate I try to only implement three of the different designs schemes that I am trying to go with at that time. A good example of this would be if I am trying to decorate the bedroom area would first paint the walls with an off white yellow than put a border up that has a floral print.

For my bedding I would try putting a lily duvet cover set over my exiting bedding that way I can take it off easily when I decide to change it out with something. And by the bed on either side would be small vases that would hold one flower each that way I will be able to obtain my wanted look in a tasteful and contemporary way. By doing this you will be able to quickly and easily update the look of your bedroom.

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