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Do you ever look in the mirror in the morning and find your eyes looking back at you with horrible dark circles beneath them? Dark under eye circles are not attractive. Face it; dark circles under your eyes make you look tired, unhealthy, and old. The causes of these awful circles can be genetic, a result of allergies, hormonal, or just from simply being tired. Although there is really no way to get rid of those under eye circles, there are ways to cover them up so no one will see them. The following are some ways to get rid of those under eye circles once and for all!

Use the right concealer. Go to a department store and test out concealers to find the best one for you. Talk to the makeup artist there and tell her you are looking for concealer to cover your under eye circles. The makeup artist will be able to help you find the concealer that is just right for you. Make sure that you choose a concealer that is a shade lighter than your foundation. Once you have found the right concealer, use it to apply to those dark circles under your eyes. You will notice a big difference. Due to the high amount of people with dark circles under their eyes, there are a lot of great concealers out there that have been created just for this problem.

Invest in some vitamin K cream. Dark circles might be a result of a deficiency in Vitamin K. Vitamin K works to strengthen capillary walls so the dark circles and veins become less visible. Long term, daily use (twice a day) of Vitamin K will produce the greatest results.

Find out more about laser treatment. There are now laser treatments available to treat under eye circles. The laser treatment works by using beams of light to smooth out layers of the skin. The energy released from the light is absorbed through the different layers of skin to correct irregular skin pigmentations. This is definitely something to consult with your doctor to see if it’s the right thing for you.

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