30+ Unusual Fish Pond Design To Beautify Your Home

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Proper planning is the first step towards fish pond satisfaction. Thus during the design stage the fish pond designer should locate the fish pond near a terrace or seating area to enable the best viewing of the fish. These graceful swimmers add an ambience of peace and tranquility to any water garden plans you may have.

Very basically the following rules apply for gaining the best experience from yourfish pond designs. You should try to locate yourfish pond where it should receive a minimum of 6 hours of sunshine a day. Koi Carp especially are great lovers of sunbathing and show an increase in vitality and condition if given sufficient sunlight to super charge their voracious appetites and metabolisms.

Expansive deep water areas help to prevent the water from warming excessively in locations with high sunlight incidence. Furthermore, deep water infish ponds also help to streamline your fish by ‘squeezing’ their bodies during deeper dives looking for their favorite fish foods. In winter, these deeper areas become ‘warm water’ zones for thepond fish to rest and keep warm during the colder months.

Deciduous trees and conifers should be kept far enough away from any fish pond designs because of their ability to impair the water quality with their falling leaves and pine needles. They should also be taken into consideration when laying out your pond. There is nothing worse than to suddenly find the roots of a nearby tree protruding into your neatly designed pond a few years down the line.

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