30+ Brilliant DIY Makeup Vanity Decoration Ideas That You Will Love It

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The makeup vanity has been a part of a woman’s life for centuries. They may not have been a part of every woman’s life, but they have made their mark in history. From queens to the modern woman, these tables have graced bedrooms all over the world.

What exactly is a makeup vanity? It is virtually a small table that fits against a wall of the bedroom. Attached to that is an oval or rectangular mirror big enough to display the upper half of a woman’s torso. There are drawers in the table to hold cosmetics, hairbrushes and other accessories. They come with a matching stool that is sometimes padded and sometimes plain wood. Ancient tables were a necessity for storing these personal items because there weren’t bathrooms and therefore little storage for toiletry items.

An ancient makeup vanity would be built according to the desires of the owner. For some that meant only a modest, one-drawer product that was basic in design and well as size. Women that were nobility made their wealth known through the size and detailed designs that were available at the time. Of course no one but their closest lady friends saw them. They were still a symbol of status. The furniture maker that made your particular table could launch their career or raise your social position.

Today’s makeup vanity is both decorative and purposeful. With the bathroom cabinets, these have taken a bit of a backseat for the everyday woman. However, they still come in all shapes and sizes. Some of them are mini size with only one drawer and about two feet wide. Then there are others that are that are five feet tall, four feet wide and hugely decorative. They come in a wide variety of oaks and cherries. The most common colors are white, light cherry and a deep oak. Some of these have single mirrors, or a larger single mirror with two smaller side mirrors. A larger makeup vanity may have a single large mirror from the floor to the top of the furniture piece itself. Often this type has two smaller pieces that cover the additional length of the tabletop.

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