20+ Fabulous Easter Egg Crafts To Add Fun To Easter Festivities

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These Easter egg crafts are ideal for little ones. Once they are made, they make great table decorations. Grab the kids, get a few hard boiled eggs and start decorating.

Take a white wax crayon and start drawing patterns onto the hard boiled egg.

Fill half a glass with water. Now add a few drops of food coloring (any color of your choice) to the water. Place the hard boiled egg into the colored water and leave to soak for about ten minutes. The egg will slowly start changing color.

Turn the egg upside down using the metal spoon, so that the side that is not colored is now in the water. Once the hard boiled egg is completely colored, remove it from the glass with the metal spoon and place it on the paper towel to dry. You should now see the wax patterns clearly through the color.

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