20+ Popular Black House Exterior Ideas For Your Inspiration

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Do the body panels align neatly (especially the hood and trunk door)? Is the gap between the panels equal on either side of the car? Place your finger between two body parts. Do this at the same point, but on the other side of the car. The gaps between the panels should be equal for all points. Is not the case, then the vehicle could have a bent frame as a result of an accident.

Is the hood on one side lower than the other? This may be because the hood supports are not properly adjusted. This is not a problem and can easily be fixed.

Check the panels / doors for color differences. A color difference indicates a replacement or repair. The colors red and black have a tendency to fade in sunlight.

If the whole was car repainted, is could be revealed in the engine compartment. Are the body parts spotless but is the car a couple of years old? Or do the body parts shine much more than under the hood or in the boot? Then the car probably has had a new coat of paint.

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