20+ Spectacular Camper Storage Design Ideas You Must Know And Have

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Nowadays, more and more people would like to have extra storage in their vehicles to haul essential things when traveling. They would also like that their vehicles can also be used as a rooms for sleeping.

Camper shells are one of the essential add-ons or accessories used for trucks and other types of vehicles for many people who would like to have additional storage. It carriers attached to vehicles. It has rear and side windows and also consist of locks and tailgate.

Camper shells are sometimes called caps or toppers. It can convert any truck or vehicle into a camper which serves as additional storage for food, camping supplies, and can also used as a sleeping room. It is also an ideal shelter whenever there needed especially during extreme bad weather during travel.

The most common materials used for camper shells are aluminum, steel, thermoplastic and fiberglass. This vehicle accessory is attached on top of the rear bed of a pickup truck. Some models are bigger and have an extended size overlapping the top portion of the cab.

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