20+ Inspiring Spring Decor Ideas to Welcome The Season

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Spring is just a month or so away so now is the perfect time to bring the outdoors in! Simple solutions can transform the look and feel of your home, making it much more light and airy and pleasant to be in. Here are some ideas to help change your home as the seasons turn.

Take down any heavy curtains that drape over windows – whilst these are luxurious and cosy during the cold months they block out sunlight in the spring and summer. Instead put up a simple blind that can be rolled up, and rolled down during the evening for privacy. Place some sheer or light material curtains over this to maintain the spring feel during the evenings too.

Invest in a mirror or move your mirror onto a different wall. Mirrors are great for adding light to a room as any light is reflected off the mirror around the room. Moving an existing mirror to a new wall where it may capture more light can help transform a room. You can also move the furniture around to optimise the space you have in your living room. Put away any winter warmers like rugs, throws and blankets and if you do buy anything new make sure it is a light colour to carry the feel of Spring around your home. Invest in some white cotton or linen throws to protect any furniture whilst lightening the room.

Bring the outside in – literally. Place cut fresh flowers in vases in one or two rooms, these will look and smell great. If you want something more long term purchase a couple interesting plants and place these in corners of a room.

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