20+ Rustic Kitchen Ideas With Contemporary Features You Can Try

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These days, it’s easier than ever to find modern kitchens that look sleek and elegant but if you want to set your kitchen apart from the rest, you’ll need some unique ideas to make your contemporary design stand out.

For starters, the thing that makes or breaks any room in a house is the lighting. If you can conquer this (and many people can’t) then your modern kitchen will immediately come to life. Don’t just use boring overhead lighting in the middle of the ceiling – get creative. Consider spotlights that run up and down the room as an alternate solution. You can also add ‘task lighting’ in between the countertops and cupboards or LED lights to your kickboard at the base of your units. By creating implementing light and different levels and angles you can play with different settings to get a unique and modern lighting effect.

The best modern kitchens always have features that immediately catch the eye and have that ‘wow’ factor. A good feature is always the kitchen tap. There are hundreds of contemporary kitchen tap designs that range from the more subtle and understated to bold and sculpture-like designs that resemble pieces of artwork. However, make sure the tap you buy is still going to function properly as the novelty will soon wear off if you can’t easily carry out your day-to-day tasks.

You can give your modern kitchen a unique twist by dressing it with all kinds of contemporary-looking appliances. From toasters and tea-pots to coasters and cutlery, there are modern designs for every conceivable kitchen item. However, make sure you don’t mix and match too much as you can end up with a disjointed looking kitchen.

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