30+ Top Valentine Table Centerpiece Best For Your Dining Room

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Forget about going out this Valentine’s Day. Consider instead a quiet evening at home alone. Dim the lights, light the candles, pour the wine and sit in awe as you admire your fabulous table setting. Whether you cook the meal yourself or order takeout, the mood will be full of love with this plan for decorating your intimate table for two.

First things first. Find a small, intimate table and two chairs. A simple card table will work perfectly. If you don’t have a card table or other small table, be creative and make your own. Place a small sheet of plywood on top of a barrel or other sturdy surface. The idea here is for the setting to be as intimate as possible. Make sure you will be able to reach across the table and hold your sweetheart’s hand.

Next, find a crisp, white tablecloth of any size. Make sure the tablecloth drapes to the floor. If you do not have a white tablecloth, grab a white sheet from the linen closet. It may be necessary to use two tablecloths or sheets, or one of each. The goal is to make the tablecloth reach the floor all the way around the table.

The next step in building your Valentine table is to set the table with your finest china or dishes. Use whatever you have, even mix and match patterns if you wish. Stack a couple of plates on top of each other and set out a couple of goblets and wine glasses. Find a couple of matching silver forks, spoons and knives and “set” the table.

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