30+ Popular Dining Room Lighting Ideas For Your Dining Room

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The dining table is in the perfect position and the table is set with beautiful china. What is left to do? The only thing remaining is to choose the dining room lights. Your light fixture will become the focal point of the room, so as well as serving a practical purpose it also needs to reflect your tastes and style. The dining room is your entertaining space, which means lots of people will see it and use it, so it has to set the perfect mood!

Choosing dining room lights can be tricky and basically depends on the size of room you have and the style you are going for. A good idea is to use a chandelier or a pendant for the main lighting. Both these options create a sophisticated, stylish look, whilst also giving off the impression of wealth and luxury. There are many traditional designs that hold candles in either brass or gold, and other modern designs that are in brushed nickel or stainless steel and incorporate glass into the design. There really are plenty to choose from to suit every budget, so even with little money you can still afford a beautiful chandelier. It is important to hang your pendant at the right level above the table; the bottom of the pendant should be roughly 30 inches above your table. This is to spread the light perfectly and to avoid anyone bumping their heads on the light itself!

A good option for adding ambience using dining room lights on a more modest budget is by adorning the walls with wall sconces. Wall sconces come in many shapes and sizes so you should be able to find one that suits your home. This type of fixture gives off a subtler light and sets a romantic mood. Wall sconces can come with two lights or a single cup but both create a beautiful, understated effect.

Think about having recessed wall lights, which will provide more light making the room seem larger than it is. A great tip is to add adjustable recessed halogen fittings position so they illuminate the table and chandelier. This is good for bringing the focus towards the chandelier, which is a real style statement and needs to be shown off!

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