20+ Extraordinary New Year’s Eve Balloon Garland Ideas For Party Decoration

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Since New Years Eve party locations tend to be held indoors, just a bit of planning and creativity can make yours, the New Year’s Even Party to remember! Just choose a unique location (such as a rental hall, club, or central gathering place, like a restaurant or even church fellowship hall) or you can even transform a room in your own home into a festive setting. Choosing a theme, allowing your invitations and decorations to set the stage, and taking time for the special touches, like lighting, food, and party favors, can make your New Year’s Eve party one to remember.

Roll up computer generated, parchment invitations, in small wine bottles to be hand delivered.

Unroll noisemakers, and write your invitations on the tails. They can be mailed in small envelopes or delivered by hand.

Blow up a balloon, write your party details in glittery ink, and deflate the balloon to send to your friends in a small envelope.

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