30+ Brilliant Ideas For DIY New Years Wreath That So Inspiring

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Whether bought to welcome guests at the front door or to grace the fireplace mantle, decorative wreaths make a wonderful addition to any home. Easy to display and change with the seasons, decorative wreaths come in many varieties of colors, flowers, sizes and materials. Home decorating can be simplified and the home’s beauty enhanced with the addition of one or two well placed decorative wreaths.

There are several kinds of wreaths that are available and each have their pro’s and con’s.

Dried wreaths are made of flowers and leaves that have been dried either in a controlled environment or by exposure to natural sunlight. These wreaths work best for people living in a humid climate. Without dense humidity, breakage and flower crumbling occurs quite easily. Overall these decorative wreaths will look the best when they are new but will begin to deteriorate over time and will eventually need to be replaced.

Preserved wreaths are made of live flowers that have been chemically preserved. Some preserving agents also add a boost of color to give the wreath a longer life and more vibrant colors.

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