20+ Creative And Unique DIY Mason Jars Ideas For Christmas

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As the holiday season approaches, you may be ready to pull out your box of Christmas ornaments and get decorating! Although you probably have basic decorating guidelines for the Christmas tree and exterior of your home mastered by now, it’s often more complicated to effectively balance a room by decorating the fireplace mantel.

To spruce up your wood-burning or gel fireplace for the holiday season, check out these clever decorating tips to complement your Christmas decor.

Start with a mirror. To make a room appear larger, placing a mirror above a fireplace mantel will do the trick. You can add seasonal decorations to a plain mirror with silk leaves or dried grass around the edges. The mirror can be used as a focal point placed directly above the mantel that all other decorations will center around.

Hang your stockings. It’s hard to overlook the long favored tradition of hanging stockings above the fireplace. If you’re decorating your home for a sophisticated holiday party, you may want to forgo the fun, family stockings that have seen better days. Instead, you can purchase stylish stockings used specifically for decorating purposes to match the theme of your living room in gold, silver, red, or green.

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