20+ Creative DIY Wooden Christmas Decoration Ideas To Inspired You

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Christmas is all about tradition in most families, a time when you come back to see your parents or have family visiting you. A lot of what Christmas is about is celebrating family and remembering Christmases gone and the happy memories you have together. As such many people enjoy a Christmas the same every year, the same food, the same games and the same bad jokes, also though the same scene with the same decorations. While cheap plastic decorations don’t last and quickly look dated, in a bad way, and get damaged, well made Christmas decorations can last making sure that traditions abide each year with decorations getting past from generation to generation.

Wooden Christmas decorations of course are wonderfully traditional and become part of your Christmas straight away even when new, if you have children though they will become an important part of their Christmases and sweet memory for them as they grow up and even when they have children themselves. Wooden decorations built to last and built in traditional styles that look dated, in a good way, to begin with can be used throughout the house at Christmas. Wooden tree ornaments of course have a long history, common are figurines of angels, reindeer and toys such as wooden soldiers. Wooden baubles with beautiful paintwork look so much more classy than plastic and can fit in with an all wooden decorated tree. Whether hand painted with the finest detail or simply carved but unpainted natural wood Christmas ornaments also bring in the traditional pagan idea of Christmas as a winter festival where nature of the winter woodland is bought into the home, including of course Christmas trees themselves.

Wooden decorations don’t have to just be those on the tree, you may also want larger wooden figurines to adorn shelves and mantelpieces, often at Christmas as well some rooms miss out on decoration but a medium to large wooden ornament may brighten up bedrooms, studies or even laundry rooms that otherwise miss out on the festivities.

Perhaps the most classic of all wooden decorations is a nativity scene. You could find a cheap plastic or even card set but it just doesn’t look right, with the scene being a centerpiece or so many homes at Christmas it should be well made and decorated using beautiful wood and hand painted figurines with absolutely stunning detail meaning that either from a distance or close up they look fantastic.

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