30+ Creative Christmas Tree Wall Art Ideas For Inspiration

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Express yourself this festive season with seasonal wall stickers. Removable, re-positionable and beautifully illustrated, modern Christmas wall decorations will enhance and bring a traditional festive feel to any home. Plain walls can now be rejuvenated and decked out in their own greenery, without the need for nails, drills or complex DIY procedures.

Safe for painted walls, accessories, refrigerators, windows, tiles, mirrors and specific furniture. Any surface that is clean, flat and dry will be suitable for these innovative decals. They do not leave any residue or marks behind, so renters can also love this new wall decal. Easy to apply using a ‘peel and stick’ method, kids will love to help put up stencil effect vinyl wall stickers and create their own custom wall art. They are the perfect alternative to hand painted murals and with a huge range to suit all ages, they are guaranteed to make a visual impact to any living space. Many come with glitter elements and add on jewels or 3D accessories to add that extra sparkle to a wall.

Why not teach young children about the most beloved and popular biblical story, Noah’s Ark with a large themed wall sticker. It is guaranteed to brighten up any nursery or playroom within seconds and will act as a feature piece. Or for a baby’s first Christmas, why not stimulate their senses with a tree wall decal and show nature off to its very best. Educational and yet decorative, a tree wall sticker will encourage fun play and is a neutral, elegant design that can be used all year round. For people with limited space, a large Christmas Tree wall sticker can be placed on a feature wall and provide the focal point without all the mess of needles and continual water maintenance.

Decorating a room has never been easier, faster and more fun thanks to wall stickers. The days of fighting with paints, stencils and bad results has ended. The majority of wall stickers are re-positionable and come in a variety of sizes and themes and are extremely good value with sets priced from £12.99. They can be used over and over again, so any Christmas set you choose is sure to adorn your walls for many holidays to come.

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