20+ Brilliant DIY Outdoor Winter Decoration Ideas

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It’s not too late to ensure that your home, from outside in has been poked, prodded, and provided for when it comes to winter care. By following these steps not only will you make your home more comfortable, energy efficient and save money, you may even prevent damage that’s caused by colder temperatures and weather conditions. Any materials that may be needed can be easily found at your local hardware or home improvement store at a minimal cost.

Maximize your Heating Efficiency
Making sure that your home’s HVAC system is at its optimal is one key thing you can do this season. Getting a heating tune-up can result in reducing your heating costs as well as maintain that everything runs efficiently during the coldest time of the year. In order to check that you’re not inadvertently wasting energy, the following are a few inexpensive things you can do for your home.

Check for cracks in all the windows and doors in the house, which are obvious areas where cold air can be leaking through. It’s also important to check for gaps in the brickwork, stucco, siding and even the foundation of your home. If you find any cracks, the next thing to do is to of course to fill them. For the exterior of the house you will need weather stripping, caulk and foam. There may also be leaks that need to be plugged in from the interior of the house. You can find these air leaks by making a flag from tissue on a toothpick or by lighting a stick of incense around windows and doors or switch plates on outside walls.

If air is coming in, the flag would wave or the smoke would visibly diffuse. The next step is filling in these holes with temporary caulking that would be removed once the weather is warmer, probably by spring. Adding more insulation – which can get compacted over time – in the attic and crawlspace are other ways to prevent heat from escaping. Adding storm windows over your existing windows can reduce heat loss by 25 to 50 percent. Implementing a programmable thermostat that is set to a reasonable temperature can also help save energy.

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