20+ Neutral Winter Decoration Ideas For Your Home

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Winter is as good a time as any to redecorate your home, and the right visual elements will have your interiors looking chic in the coldest months. Paint is the best starting point for redecorating your home, and you should begin with a neutral color like white, beige or very light blue. Any other color will be hard to work with should you decide to change your decor theme in the future.

Decorating for winter is all about giving extra comfort and warmth to your interiors, especially since it’s so cold and harsh outside. Stock up on items like plush throws and rich quilts and place them on your couches and sofas. That way, every little nook will be perfect for snuggling and getting warm on those cold winter nights. You’ll also end up using less energy because you won’t be as reliant on your heaters. Just make sure to get items that contrast starkly against the sofas so that you don’t look like you’re blending into the upholstery.

You won’t be wrapping them around you anytime soon but rugs add even more coziness and warmth to your home for the winter months. Their natural heat and texture will be very nice to the touch when the temperature drops. When choosing rugs, go with colors that really pop against the rest of your color scheme. Do you have a room made mostly of dark woods? A white or cream rug should work quite nicely. A dark green or burgundy rug, meanwhile, should be perfect for a room that’s done in neutral colors. Since rugs nowadays come in all shades and sizes, you should be able to find one regardless of what you’re working with. Just make sure to get rugs with a non-slip bottom if you’re installing them on smooth hardwood floors, which tend to get slippery.

Curtains, like rugs, offer you a very simple way to add dramatic changes to any room. Because you’ll probably want to change the design every so often, you may want to get reversible curtains so that you just need to flip the curtain to get an entirely new look. While thin and sheer curtains may have sufficed for summer, thick curtains in the winter have the added function of giving you extra insulation. It may be troublesome to change every single curtain you have just for the winter months, but it’s not like you have to change all of them at the same time.

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