30+ Spectacular DIY Halloween Decoration Ideas For Low Budget

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Halloween! Yes, that one time of the year wherein you can be whoever you like and decorate your place however you like it. It is the only time where people appreciate graveyards and dead bodies on their front lawn. The spookier it is, the better.

Decorating does not necessarily mean that you have to dig deep into your pockets in order to achieve that scary Halloween vibe. There are cheap ways for you to create awesome decorations. Here are some tips.

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Spooky Silhouettes
Want to create that haunted house effect? Create a spooky silhouette and stick it onto your windows. Cut spooky figures from cardboards or paper. It can be a headless person, a serial killer, the ripper, whatever image you can think of. Paste in on your windows and have that spooky effect especially at night when you turn on your lights.

Crawling Spiders
Creepy crawlers are a staple when it comes to Halloween. You can buy small spiders and creatively attach them on your window curtains, stairs, above your doors and entryways as well as in your tables. You can create a huge spider and have it placed on your lawn or your patio for a scarier vibe. You can use a huge Styrofoam ball as the body of your spider and pool noodles as your limbs. Paint it with black or attach black cotton balls onto its feet and body for a more creepy effect.

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