20+ Impressive Halloween Decoration Ideas With Farmhouse Style

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Halloween is a time of year for decorating. When it comes to created decorations at home, it is possible to craft Halloween decorations from simple things you have lying around the house. These recycled Halloween decorations are fun for the entire family and bring the fright back to Halloween.

Make a Snowglobe
A Halloween Snowglobe can be created from an old glass jar, plastic bugs and small stones. To create this Halloween decoration, simply clean out the glass jar and dry. Fill the jar with Karo syrup and place the stones and plastic bugs in the jar. The top of the jar can be sealed in place with some silicone caulking to prevent the liquid from escaping. Once the caulk has dried and the rim of the jar is secure, the Halloween Snowglobe will be slimy and scary for all those who wish to shake it up.

Make a Spider
The egg carton is another easy source for recycled Halloween decorations. The egg carton spider can be crafted from one egg section. Simply cut out the egg cup and paint black. Attached chenille stems to the egg cup with glue for the legs and paint on white eyes. After punching a hole in the middle of the egg cup, fishing line can be used to string up the recycled Halloween decoration all over the home. If these decorations are the be hung outside, it is important to spray the entire spider with a waterproof clear spray paint to prevent damage from the weather. These spiders look wonderful when paired with artificial webs created from cotton batting.

Make a Bat
Another egg carton Halloween decoration is the egg carton bat. Instead of using just one egg cup, this bat requires three cups in a row. The two outer cups need to be cut down to resemble the wings of the bat. Paint and decorate the cups to look like a bat and string up using the same fishing line you used with the egg carton spider. For a twist, you can also paint on some red fangs to make the egg carton bats look even scarier.

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