30+ Creepy Decoration Ideas For A Frightening Halloween Party

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Halloween party decorations don’t have to cost a fortune and you don’t need a degree in arts and crafts to make something good enough to send to your friends or put on your table. Halloween decorations can be really easy to make and you don’t have to stay up all night like an ambitious PTA mom cutting, painting and gluing things to dress up your house for Halloween.

People usually just use pumpkins to make jack o’ lanterns or pies but a pumpkin can be a great container; it’s cheap and easy to use. You need to carefully hallow out a pumpkin and then fill it with candy or dried flowers. You can paint it over and use it for different things like filling it with fake blood and adding fake human parts. Add ice and little manicure scissors and some bloody bandages and make it a part of your Halloween arrangements; you can even use it to store the cutlery.

A great way to make the invites is get the kids to dip their hands in lots and lots of red paint and make an extremely bloody handprint on construction paper. Pumpkins or gourds can also make good invitations; you can carve the date and venue in the back. You can use black felt to make bats or witch’s hats and write the party details on it.

You can use Halloween as an excuse to show off some great table decorating skills; find the quirkiest ways to serve everyday food; serve Halloween fruit baskets or fresh fruit bouquets for dessert.

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