20+ Creepy Halloween Decoration Ideas For Your Living Room Design

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Halloween marks one of the most exciting days in the yearly calendar, not least because children can fulfill their fantasies of living in a spooky house, dressing up in spookier costumes and go around trying to frighten friends and neighbors. It also gives the perfect excuse to unleash all your latent talents to transform your house into a truly haunted and scary place and you need not spend a fortune on all those Halloween decorations. Homemade Halloween decoration works out as nice as store-bought ones and of course, costs much less.

Making your own decorations will not only keep the budget in check but will also give that personalized touch which no readymade stuff can impart. Also, it’s a great way to involve the entire family and children especially will love helping out with the decorations.

To scare all those ‘trick or treat’ troopers, what better way than to hang a frightening looking scarecrow on a tree in the yard? Simply take an old pair of jeans and a shirt and stuff them with hay or leaves. Next, draw an evil face on any old piece of burlap and hang your scarecrow on a tree with the help of a rope and watch your guests scamper away in fright!

Create an eerie atmosphere in the house by hanging pillow-cases ghosts across the rooms. Plain white pillowcases and wire hangers are all that is required. By cutting a small hole in the top, closed part of the pillow case and sliding the hanger from the bottom, you can put the hook through the hole and gently pull down the hanger in a diamond shape. Then, with a twist tie, tie up the bottom of the pillow case and sketch a ghastly face on it with a black marker and voila! Your hanging ghosts are ready to spook your visitors.

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