20+ Creative Shelves Storage Ideas For Bathroom

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As with every room in the house, the bathroom needs some sort of storage space. Whether that space is open, such as shelves, or enclosed such as cabinets, if you want to keep anything conveniently in the bathroom you do need it.

For small bathrooms in particular, space can be at a premium, so if you want an adequate amount of storage space you need to make use of every opportunity. One of those opportunities comes with the space over the toilet. If you are not using that space already, then you should consider over toilet storage as a priority.

If you have not yet looked into over toilet storage for the bathroom, then you should be aware that over toilet space savers and etageres come in a wide variety of designs, which are normally either wood or metal in construction. They come with shelves, cabinet, or a combination of shelves and cabinet. Some may even have two cabinets, although that is very unusual.

If you have a modern bathroom with a shiny, metal d├ęcor, then metal over toilet shelves and shelving racks are probably your only choice, as metal units usually have no cabinet. That is not to say they need be plain and unattractive, nor even cheap. The better quality metal toilet shelves can be attractive designs, with ornate metalwork that can combine contemporary and traditional appeal. These can be as expensive as the best quality solid wood toilet shelves and cabinets.

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