20+ Astonishing DIY Dollar Store Halloween Decoration Ideas

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No contest, hands down… Halloween is my favorite holiday! In addition to planning our Film Society’s annual Halloween event, I also spend hours online, gleefully researching spooky décor, making notes on Halloween crafts and recipes to try, and researching the latest in Halloween technology.

While engaged in such research, I was thinking about how your love for Halloween might lead you to many lucrative income streams. So whether you have a talent for cooking, crafting, decorating, or if you’re just good at selling stuff, I think you’ll find something in this list that you’ll like.

Selling Halloween costumes: This one requires a little investment and patience because it won’t pay off until next fall, but you can make some decent cash this way.

Seasonal stores like Spirit Halloween and Halloween Express typically set up shop in a vacant storefront around the first of September and sell a ton of Halloween merchandise between then and October 31st. But the day after Halloween, they slash their prices 50% or more to clear out the merchandise. A few days later, they close up and ship out all the costumes, décor, and accessories to a warehouse to await the next Halloween season… but you can show up there on November 1st and buy that merchandise at rock bottom prices, then wait till next September to sell it on Amazon, eBay, or Craigslist. Grocery stores and department stores often have even greater markdowns. One word of advice: Stick with the classics – vampires, ghosts, devils, etc. Don’t buy anything topical – that is, related to currently popular TV or movie characters or something that is a current fad (think of all those “Jersey Shore” costumes languishing in warehouses somewhere) – because next year it might not be a thing anymore and won’t sell. Alternatively, if you have sewing skills, you could also sell or rent used costumes that you make or refurbish yourself, or offer to do costume alterations. Obviously, there are a lot of possibilities here!

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