30+ Brilliant DIY Toy Storage Ideas You Need To See

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Being able to keep our homes clean can be a challenging task. Between working all day and taking care of our kids it’s hard to find time to get it done. Kids’ toys can be a leading contributor to our living room or bedroom looking like a tornado passed through it. Taking action and looking for a solution is the first step to accomplishing this. After you have figured out the type of toys you are storing and the location of where you are storing them, you need to figure out if wooden toy storage or plastic toy storage is what you will need.

The best way to decide if wood or plastic is right for you might be to just look at the rest of the furniture in the room you are cleaning up. If it’s a living room than odds some of your nicer looking furniture in there. This is an instance where you may want to go with wood. It can provide a much more luxurious look than plastic and it will be much easier to find a way to blend it in with the rest of the room. Don’t forget that with most of these wooden chests or boxes you can add a few pillows on top of the lid and turn them into a great seat for family and friends. Wood is ideal if keeping your storage discrete is one of the goals in mind. With wooden storage you get a lot of bang for your buck as well. They are often very large and are able to fit many types of toys inside of them. They are extremely durable and will easily last the better part of a decade. One thing to keep in mind is that wood will often scratch pretty easily so going with a darker finish might be a better idea.

When working with plastic toy storage such as toy boxes or chests, a bedroom or a playroom will probably be the most ideal place to put it. I say this because most of them have child themes in mind, which is fine, but not everyone will want Elmo or Dora the Explorer in there living room. Often times the reason parents look to plastic is for this exact reason- the child themes. Being able to have these characters on your son or daughters’ toy box makes it much more fun for your children and if you already have a theme going in a certain room, these are perfect. The best advantage of plastic is the fact that it is much easier to clean and wont show wear and tear as much as a wooden one might. They are much lighter in weight so if you are ever looking to move it around it will be a lot easier with plastic.

No matter which one you decide to go with it’s important to know that a plastic toy box isn’t just a cheaper version of a wooden one. They both have very distinct advantages and disadvantages depending on the situation they are being used for.

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