20+ Creepy Candles To Spark Up The Halloween Mood

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Candles at Halloween
Halloween is a time of folklore, fantasy and fun. Set the scene for your spookiest Halloween ever with Halloween candles.

Cast a captivating spell with scented candles. The traditional choice for many at Halloween is pumpkin scented candles. But why not try cinnamon, nutmeg and clove for a witches’ brew of spices. Candy scents will stir up childhood memories of trick or treat. Or for a truly dark candle experience, try intoxicating blends of musk, patchouli, sage and mahogany cologne.

Of course, traditional Halloween colours play an important role also – blood-dripping red tall candles sticks are reminiscent of Dracula fangs. They are also available in vibrant pumpkin orange, spooky green or eerie jet black. Whatever the colour, the glow of candlelight will create a spooky atmosphere to any room.

Halloween Decoration
Extra fantasy can be added to your Halloween decor with a Jack O Lantern. A Jack O Lantern is a pumpkin carved with a monstrous face. At night place a tealight or votive into its hallowed cavity to illuminate the effect. The carved pumpkin is traditionally placed on the doorstep to ward off evil spirits.

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