20+ Extraordinary DIY Clock Ideas For Inspiration

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If you love clocks then maybe you have a screw loose. So welcome to our world! Here lets briefly talk about some of the marvelous timepieces there are on offer, and we’ll make mention of the considerations you need to make if you are thinking of welcoming one into your home.

There is an intimidating range of clockwork. The focus here is on the old favorites, that is the grandfather clock, the pendulum wall clock, and the cuckoo clock. Why? they are the most iconic, and the most sought after designs. They stand for a bygone era when life was perhaps harder, but simpler as well.

The Grandfather clock. This piece needs space around it. For best effect, a large home with tall ceilings, where it can take pride of place in a hallway to greet visitors. Antique dealers will be the common source, and will generally sell you a well maintained or restored model. A consideration is small children, who will try to pull open the doors, and may interfere with the mechanisms. Keep the grand out of direct sunlight so the delicate stained wood does not bleach.

The wall pendulum clock, is a good choice if you are after a stately or formal setting in a living or dining space. The steady swing of the weights is a calming effect and quite nicely slows down the apparent speed modern life moves at sometimes. Again antique dealers will carry these. This clock is best mounted in the centre of a wall not cluttered with other decorations.

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