20+ Unordinary Pumpkin Decoration Ideas To Make Everything Look Fun This Fall

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Halloween is nearly here once more, and if you’re like many people, you’ll be making a Halloween pumpkin lantern. Carved vegetable lanterns, or Jack O’Lanterns as they’re often known, are part of an ancient tradition that originated with the Celts. However the original lanterns made by the Celts in Europe were usually made from turnips, swedes or mangelwurzels. Halloween lanterns made from pumpkins only became popular relatively recently, after the Halloween holiday started to be widely celebrated in the US, where pumpkins are plentiful. They have since gained popularity elsewhere in the world too, thanks to the relative ease with which they can be carved, and the brilliant orange glow they produce when lit up.

Pumpkins are very versatile and can be carved and decorated carved in any number of ways and it’s very easy to produce a lantern that will make a beautiful addition to your Halloween decorations.

There are two basic approaches you can take to decorating your pumpkin. The first is to carve a face or other design into the flesh, and the second is to paint the pumpkin’s surface. You might then like to embellish it further. Of course, you can always combine these approaches, and produce a more ornate and unusual pumpkin!

Carving Your Pumpkin
Halloween pumpkins are usually carved, so they can be used as lanterns. Carving a pumpkin can be as simple as creating a couple of triangular eyes and a mouth, or, if you are feeling adventurous, you can make a more complex pumpkin lantern intricate features or other patterns, such as cats, spiders, ghosts, etc, or even non-Halloween motifs. To carve your pumpkin, cut off the top (if you’re going to illuminate it with a candle) or the bottom (to provide access for an electric light cord), scrape out the flesh, draw your design onto the surface of the pumpkin, and cut around the outlines with a sharp knife or other carving tool. You might find it useful to pare the interior surface of the pumpkin back in the areas you will be cutting. Your pumpkin is then ready to be lit up.

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