20+ Incredible Small Bathroom Design Ideas For Apartment

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It seems that one of bathroom design trends is to make the bathroom larger. A spacious bathroom shows your preference to a comfortable lifestyle. If you have a small size bathroom, you can come to the following ideas for reference. In fact, these ways of remodeling the small bathroom are very practical and easy to follow. As long as you take them, the effect will exceed your imagination.

Light colors may make the space seem larger in vision. The simplest way to change your bathroom into a bigger one is to select light soft color as the ground color of the whole room. Take pure white, cream, ivory white into consideration, they are bright and warm, which minimize the feel of a crowded room.

Bright bold colors have a strong expression to the design theme, while it’s also dangerous to put too many dark colors into a small area. In case the bathroom appears narrow and crowded, select bright bold colors only for accents. Make sure the main bathroom furniture is free from strong bright colors

Choose simple and plain pattern instead of exaggerate print and busy pattern when you decide to add wallpaper. Furthermore, it’s better to keep one wall free from any pattern and design.

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