30+ Easy And Simple DIY Drying Racks Ideas You Can Copy Now

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Pasta making machines are a great kitchen appliance, and even if you have never done anything more than open a box of spaghetti, you will enjoy using one. The hand crank machines are easy to use and the electric machines ensure that making homemade pasta is as easy as pouring some ingredients and pressing a button. After your pasta comes out of the machine, you will need a pasta drying rack.

These gadgets need a sturdy base to keep the rack from toppling over and they should be made of a durable material. There are many different styles to choose from and the one you choose will depend on what type of material you prefer and the price you wish to pay. When you purchase one, make sure the extensions that are used for hanging your pasta are far enough apart to ensure good air flow. It is important that your pasta dry properly before you cook or store it. Make sure that the pasta drying rack you choose will make pasta in the shape you want. Most racks are made from plastic, metal or wood.

Norpro Pasta Drying Rack
This rack is made of unfinished wood ensuring that the pasta will not slide off. It can be wiped clean with a damp or dry cloth and has a thick base for stability. There are four eighteen inch wood extensions that provide eight arms for drying your pasta. You can disassemble the rack for easy storage and even the longest fresh linguine or fettuccine will fit over the extensions. The rack stand is sixteen and one-half inches high. Price is approximately fifteen dollars

KitchenAid Pasta Drying Rack
This rack is made of plastic and has a chrome plated steel finish. You can easily wipe it clean and it is nineteen inches high. It can hold more than four pounds of fresh pasta and has ten feet of drying space with sixteen extensions. You can store it in a chrome plated steel column when you are not using it. Also included is a multi purpose “wand” that you can use to transfer the pasta and the wand can also help to cut the pasta. This pasta drying rack is priced at approximately forty dollars.

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