20+ Stylish Farmhouse Style Ideas For Your Bedroom Decoration

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A white bedroom can really work with all different kinds of design styles. Plus, you probably won’t even have to paint your walls. It’s a chance to really just use accessories to decorate because you won’t have to buy new furniture or paint whenever you want to just go in a totally different design direction. Here are a few tips on how to accomplish that.

At first white can seem a little bit stark. However, it can also have a little bit of a romantic touch to it. You could even make it slightly tropical just by going with a canopy net over your bed. It could even remind you of a cloud. You could bring in different artwork that mimics the sky. Of course you don’t want this to end up looking like it you are decorating a nursery. Faux finishes were all the rage a few years ago so there was a little bit of a tendency to go overboard and just kind of paint the room in this kind of sky theme.

However, you could just use really fluffy down comforters on your bed. You could even just paint a sky murals if you had to have it and make them different just by ditching the blue. You could really just paint the sky with different shades of gold, white and cream. This will be more elegant. Instead of just painting your entire ceiling or wall just map out a few rectangles and then frame them out with molding so that it appears more like a mural.

You can also make this kind of the same theme really work within a nautical theme. However, it will keep things quiet elegant just by going with a monochromatic color palette. In this case, keep everything that you bring into the space quite the weathered looking. You can accomplish this with paint or just use more of a pickling effect so that the actual white paint shows through. This is a great way to give new life to furniture without totally omitting the natural beauty of the wood.

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