20+ Marvelous Dorm Room Decoration Ideas

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If you are a college freshman and you are out every day now shopping for all the essentials to do with setting up house in the college dorm room, it is likely that as much attention as you pay to the bedding, the storage and other such essentials, that you aren’t really thinking about how you will decorate your dorm room – to personalize it. Not that you could be blamed for this; people don’t really realize how bare and depressing a college dorm room usually is without a little decorating. Colleges have learned about their new students dorm room decorating needs and they usually help them out with poster sales at the beginning of the year. But surely you have bigger ideas for your room than to merely decorate it with a couple of fast cars or movie stars, don’t you?

Dorm room decorating in a college hostel has to necessarily be somewhat restrained. Colleges don’t tolerate any painting of their dorm rooms. But they aren’t completely without sympathy for your situation. Dorm rooms usually come with little strips along the ceilings. All you need to do is to buy fabric that is as long as the room is high and attach it to these strips. You will right away end up with a beautifully colorful room that looks new and fresh. You can do as much with fabric as you can with paint. Since fabric comes printed with any kind of pattern you want, hanging fabric on your walls can bring in an even more colorful effect to your room. You can either take the same pattern to go all around or you can mix and match. The choice is entirely up to you (and of course your roommate).

A great way to have a strange room turn friendly and inviting would be to bring in a few plants. Not only will plants help you keep your indoor air quality up recycling the carbon dioxide, they will make everything look fresh and friendly too. Of course, you’ll have to be sure that you water your plants properly and that you pick the right kind of plants for the level of sunlight they can get. You will have to also remember that when you go home for a vacation, you’ll have to arrange for someone to take care of you plant watering at the right times.

But those would be dorm room decorating ideas for the student who just wants reasonable ambience without too much trouble put in. How about students with artistic ambition? They sell full wall bulletin boards for rooms. All you need to do is to buy one of them and cover a wall with it. And then, you can plaster it with collages of pictures, postcards or anything else you have in mind. It could make for a mind-blowing effect.

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