20+ Unique DIY Terrarium Home Decor Ideas For Inspiration

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So, the room is just about complete, but you’ve run out of budget for the finishing touches. Don’t leave your room hanging in almost-done-limbo. Instead, use these ideas to stretch your dollars to the max:

Picture frames: Check the clearance section of your favorite home goods stores (or dollar stores!). I guarantee you will find at least one frame languishing, every single time. Now, it may not always be a great frame, but sometimes that’s ok! To make this work, decide on a theme for your frames. (There’s very few things more repulsive than a table strewn with mis-matched, unrelated frames.) Let’s say you’ve decided on black frames. Every time you see a black frame super cheap, grab it, until you’ve accumulated an odd number that fits your space. 3s, 5s, and 7s work best, but you can use more if you have a larger space to fill. Because they have a common theme, they will work together as a single idea, and no one will ever notice that one is a little scratched up, or the other has a bent corner. Even so-so or damaged frames will look beautiful. You could do the same with polished silver, ornate gold, or matte nickel, just to name a few that work well.

Pillows: Ah, my darlings… I call them “fluffy art.” Pillows add instant pattern, punch, and personality, and there’s almost no limit to where they can go: on the sofa, the chairs, the bed, stacked or piled on the floor, on shelves, in baskets… I even use them in bathrooms! As with the picture frames, you can find them almost anywhere, often for next to nothing. So what if there’s a little tear in the seam? For 75% off, you can afford to pull out the needle and thread to stitch it up… or don’t, and just turn it so no one can see it… I won’t tell.

Dishes: Everyone has ’em! Make them work for you all the time, not just at meal time! Most people have multiple sets of dishes, some that never see the light of day. Married people have pretty crap they were given as gifts, and never knew what to do with. Maybe you inherited some with great sentimental value, but that you wouldn’t have necessarily picked for yourself. Pull it all out! Serving platters make great trays on coffee tables, and centerpieces in the dining room. Prop a plate on a stand. Put glass marbles in the bottom of mismatched wine glasses, and put a votive in each. Create a floral arrangement in a soup bowl or tea cup. Go nuts! (and put nuts in a bowl for easy, healthy snacking!)

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